I don't understand

Before I started seeing my current doctors, I applied for financial assistance because I cannot afford the help I need. Apparently my mother has been getting bills from them. She didn't tell me until yesterday because she was going to pay them knowing I didn't have it.

The fucked up thing is, I don't understand how I owe anything. I was told that all I would owe would be %20 of the cost of each visit. 20 for the therapist and 25 for the psychiatrist. And I've been paying that. Every two weeks for the psychologist and every month or so for the psychiatrist.

But apparently there are other charges. For instance, every time I have called the nurse that is twetny dollars. Like whem my shrink canceled my appt and I needed refills. Twenty dollars. And I've had to call her a couple of times so those have added up and so bow I guess I owe a back log of 85 bucks, which isn't awful but that's not the point. I feel deceived and pissed off. What the fuck is the point of even trying to get help?

I'm tired of all of this.

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